Our Focus


George Coppola, an avid swimmer, works out here 5-6 times a week. Aside from swimming, he walks on the treadmill when he is able.  Since he joined in 2009, George has made some great friends, both staff and other members.

He wants people to know: “You don’t have to come in and do a big workout—just a good half hour each day will help, and watching what you eat.” He believes that it doesn’t just take a village to raise a child, but the whole community as well. George is thankful for staff members Adriane, Amy, and Chuck who have all played a great role in his success. To give back, George volunteers his time to work with pre-operation and post-operation members so they can enjoy the same health benefits he has. George’s outlook on life contributes to his success: “I’m on this side of the grass.”


Health and wellness director Adriane Stoner enjoys George’s success story because “it’s amazing how he’s taken his own life challenges to inspire other people to achieve wellness in whatever capacity they can do it in. Even if it’s small, it makes so much of a difference.”