With just a 30-minute workout, you can stay fit and active while helping us fulfill our obligation for reimbursement from your insurance carrier. With your UPMC for Life membership, you can make keep yourself healthy and help the Y!  

While we practice social distancing, the Sewickley Valley YMCA will continue to regularly add virtual exercise classes tailored specifically to meet your needs. 


UPMC for Life Virtual Check-in

Chair Yoga led by Lisa

Stretch & Strengthen with Amy

Improve your balance with a workout led by Chris

Try our Resistance Band workout on a mat led by Amy

If you liked the Resistance Band workout on the mat, try the Standing Resistance Band workout

Add Lisa's modified sun salutations that will help you reduce stress, improve concentration and be more mindful after any exercise to cool down and stretch

Enjoy your favorite class Stretch, led by Chris

Participate in all five mini Tai Chi videos for one full class

Stretch & strengthen your body with Yoga led by Chris