Summer camp is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and memorable experiences a child can have. However, the cost of summer camp can be a significant burden for many families.

Recently, three youths in the community created their own fundraising events to raise money to help kids attend summer camp. We're so proud of these youths and are thankful for their hard work and creativity!

Sidney's Chocolates

Sidney, a 7th grader at Quaker Valley, is an amazing example of someone who knows how to have fun while making a difference. For six years, Sidney has enjoyed the excitement and camaraderie of summer camp, but he knows that not everyone has the opportunity to go.

That's why he decided to use his recent service project assignment as a chance to give back. Raising money for the Y's scholarship program was an easy choice for Sidney.

With his goal of $500, Sidney got to work creating homemade chocolate-covered pretzels and Oreos. His treats were delicious but also had a meaningful purpose behind them. He knew that every sale brought him closer to his goal of helping kids attend summer camp. And with the May 29th deadline, Sidney has already raised $400. His work is a testament that every act of kindness has a significant impact on people's lives. 


Lemonade Stand

After seeing Sidney's table in the Y, Penny and Pippa decided they wanted to make a difference too. They set up a lemonade stand. The girls' enthusiasm and hard work paid off raising almost $80.

"We're thrilled to share how these three amazing Y kids are making a BIG impact on our community! Their kindness and generosity are truly inspiring and show that you can make a difference no matter how old. We're so proud of their commitment to making the world a better place," said Marc Smith, Senior Youth, Teen and Family Director.