Every month, we collect different items for local, nonprofits. We ask that you please join us by bringing the listed items to the Membership Desks. Thank you for helping us make a difference. For more information about how you can help a local nonprofit contact Barb Herman at 412-741-9622 ext. 131.

Hope Haven Farm Hope Haven Farm (located in Bell Acres) rescues neglected pigs, goats, sheep and poultry, llamas, and alpacas. These animals have been surrendered at local animal shelters, confiscated by local humane agents, or saved from factory farms. They now live out their lives with comfortable housing, nutritious food, and companionship from others of their own kind. Hope Haven is in need of postage stamps and envelopes as well as paper towels, laundry detergent and boxes of garbage bags.

Coraopolis Youth Creations Coraopolis Youth Creations is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening families and building community through youth enrichment with an emphasis on social, cultural, educational and physical programming. Coraopolis Youth Creations is in need of colored pencils, tacky (craft) glue, puzzles, bottled water, juice boxes and pretzels.

Angel Tree Pick an angel tag from our Christmas tree located in the YMCA lobby and help local families by purchasing gifts or gift cards for Christmas.