Your support will allow cancer survivors to participate in this program free of charge so their focus can remain on getting well and reclaiming their lives. Healthy Living with Cancer provides those recovering from cancer a pathway to reclaim their health and well-being. The free individual and small group sessions help cancer survivors increase cardiovascular strength and endurance, core strength, flexibility and balance while reducing stress. LIVESTRONG plays a critical role in the survivors' recovery by reducing the severity of therapy side effects, improving energy levels and helping to rebuild self-esteem. Learn first-hand about the impact of Healthy Living with Cancer program at the Y by reading the testimonial below.

“I was diagnosed with an aggressive Stage 2 ductal breast cancer in 2013. The long hard battle changed my life in so many ways more than I could ever have imagined. After a few years of ongoing treatments with chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, my life, my body and everyday living were completely different. I was struggling with the loss of all my hair, massive fatigue and a tremendous amount of weight gain, neuropathy in my legs, feet and hands, continuous joint pain; it was the most overwhelming feeling that I have ever felt. I was suggested to join a gym, and the YMCA was recommended. I was put in contact with Adriane Stoner to see if I qualified for the LiveStrong/Healthy Living with Cancer program. I was very excited to be approved for this program and was anxious to start. From the day I met Adriane, she made me feel comfortable and a part of this special group of women. As much as I needed the physical training for my medical needs, I needed to be held accountable as well. I was able to get the help and support I needed by participating in the program two days a week. My struggles got smaller, knowing I had the program to motivate me, but even more and I felt accountable for the first time. The best part is that I am guided every step of the way; my workouts are based on what is best for me as an individual and what I need. The transformation of my mind, body, and soul from when I started until now is unbelievable.

The LiveStrong/Healthy Living with Cancer program not only gave me self-worth, but it has also given me strength, hope, motivation, and the new meaning of ME. Without Adriane and her team, I can genuinely say I am not sure where I would be physically or what state of mind I would be in today.”

Lisa Rocco, Healthy Living with Cancer participant

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