Gear up for a day of fitness & compassion at our annual Spin-a-Thon! Join us on Saturday, March 2nd, as we pedal with purpose at our annual Spin-a-Thon, supporting Chronic Disease programs. But, more importantly, supporting individuals like Ed Papst, a dedicated member of the Sewickley Valley YMCA and a true testament to the power of community and the impact of the Spin-a-Thon!  

Each hour, our certified instructors will lead high-energy spin classes to empower those battling Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Cancer, & more. But that’s not all! You can also show your support by purchasing hearts to honor loved ones or sponsoring a bike.  Don't wait; click here to register today!



Since retiring seven years ago, Ed Papst, age 63, of Moon Township, has been a member you can count on seeing five days a week. With a contagious smile on his face, Ed proudly admits, "The Y is my source of physical and mental health." After his diagnosis, Ed understood the importance of maintaining physical activity to slow its progression, making it easier to move and alleviate freezing, a symptom that abruptly hindered his movements.

He enrolled in Delay the Disease, a specialized class aimed at delaying the advancement of Parkinson's. Witnessing positive physical changes, Ed also found inspiration in his instructor, Chris Steinmetz, who encouraged him to persevere and do his best. "I began feeling better and thinking clearer," said Ed.

With an atmosphere of inclusion, the class is for all abilities. Ed remembers when one participant struggled with vision impairment and had difficulty catching the ball during an exercise. Rather than excluding him from participating, Chris, the instructor, quickly adapted by introducing a larger ball, ensuring everyone could fully participate in the activities together. "Everyone is supportive, you do what you can, and staff meet people where they are at physically, helping them to feel better about themselves," said Ed.

Ed has formed friendships and discovered a sense of belonging within the YMCA. He is affectionately known as the Y's Mayor by members of the Wellness Center. When managing chronic illness, social connections become paramount, and Ed acknowledges that having these connections has allowed him to focus on the significance of positive days. With eyes brimming with hope, Ed shares his perspective, "I try to make the most of each day and try to have as many good days as I can."

Ed Papst, age 63, living in Moon Township