Campers will spend most of the day outside, but in the event of heavy rain, campers will be moved indoors. If your child is enrolled in Funk Factory and Lego camp, drop-off will be at the Community Activity Center, just beyond our upper parking lot. All other camp drop-off and pick-up will be at the YMCA and a staff member will be available in the lobby to direct you to your child’s camp location.  

Mr. Marc - he's not just any ordinary YMCA Director, he also keeps an eye on the radar to ensure all campers stay safe and dry during sudden rainstorms. And just so you're aware, there have been times when heavy rain is right around the corner and even though it is not currently raining, as a precaution, we'll have a rainy day drop-off or pick-up. If it is a rainy day drop-off or pick-up, rainy day signs will be posted at the entrance of the parking lots. We will also be working diligently to share rainy day drop-off and pick-up updates on social media and through e-communications.