happy seniors at ymca

Chronic Disease Prevention
Delay the Disease and Pedal for Parkinson's are fitness-based programs designed to optimize physical and mental functioning and help delay the progression of symptoms associated with Parkinson’s Disease. Workout plans are adaptive to all levels of Parkinson’s. The is held three days per week, for 45 minutes each, and led by a certified Parkinson’s wellness instructor.

Water Exercise
Water exercise classes are held in the Sewickley Valley YMCA's warm water pool are designed to work on a range of motion and flexibility rather than cardiovascular fitness.  The warm water pool offers an average water temperature of 88 degrees, steps, and a chair lift to access the pool and handrails inside the pool.

Financial Assistance
We believe that everyone in our community should have the opportunity to benefit from YMCA programs and services. Our financial assistance program is central to our mission. The Y understands when someone loses a job, has overwhelming medical bills, or faces other challenging situations. Annually, the Sewickley Valley YMCA awards just under $500,000 in financial assistance to help children and families in our communities access the Y and its services. Supported by the Annual Campaign, financial assistance offers programs and services of the Y at reduced rates based on low-income guidelines to fit the financial situation of individuals in our community.

To apply, complete the printable forms and return them with the appropriate financial information or contact Chellsa Marney at 412-741-9622 ext. 104.  Please allow approximately two weeks for processing.