Senior central healthy aging

Explore diverse wellness and fitness activities tailored to healthy aging. At the Sewickley Valley YMCA, we champion programs that empower individuals of all ages and abilities to:

  • Improve physical strength and endurance
  • Enhance flexibility and balance
  • Boost mood and mental clarity

Chronic Disease Wellness

Chronic disease wellness programs at the Y are designed to empower participants to live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Personal Training

Our certified personal trainers provide safe, effective workouts to boost strength, mobility, and confidence.

Water Exercise

Joint-friendly water exercise programs help you work on range of motion and flexibility, and are held in our indoor Warm Water Pool.

Your best years await at the Y!

Let us help you achieve and sustain your goals! Join our supportive community to stay connected while embracing a healthy lifestyle. Contact us for more information about our senior rate plans.