Adult Sports, Leagues, and Recreation

Adults ages 18 and Up

Sports and recreational activities at the Sewickley Valley YMCA go beyond providing a fun way to stay active. Improved cardio health, increased muscular strength, and increased endurance boost overall well-being. Teamwork skills, mental acuity, confidence, and teamwork skills are also developed through active participation.

Score Big: Hoops, Volleyball, and Open Gym

Throughout the day, our indoor gym schedules offer a variety of opportunities to participate in your favorite sports during basketball and volleyball open play.

Racket Sports

Pickleball, platform tennis, racquetball, tennis: get in on the action with exhilarating racket sports! Activities and programs provide a platform for skill enhancement, strategic thinking, and friendly competition.

Y Masters Swimming

The Sewickley Valley YMCA competitive masters swimming program is a great way for adults to stay active, challenge themselves, and make new friends. YMCA members can also practice the sport of swimming with an adult lap swim reservation.

Recreation for Seniors

Find the joy of community and friendship through our diverse recreational programs for senior adults. From leisurely activities to engaging club meetings, discover opportunities to connect, laugh, and thrive together.

Discover the YMCA Difference

YMCA programs and activities provide opportunities to forge meaningful social connections, discover avenues for stress relief, and nurture personal growth. Contact us to learn more about our programs, activities, and mission-driven initiatives designed to make a positive impact on others’ lives.