Toddler and Preschool Sports, Leagues, and Recreation

Fun and Games: Preschool

Our diverse array of toddler and preschool sports and recreation programs cater to children’s developmental needs and interests. We provide a safe and nurturing environment where children thrive and families bond. There’s something for everyone!

Playdates at the Sewickley Y: Where Fun Meets Learning!

Explore our diverse range of toddler/preschool recreational activities and programs, designed to foster parent/child connections, a sense of independence, and start a case of the giggles!

Kids Gymnastics and Tumbling: Let’s Soar!

Ready to enhance coordination, balance, and confidence? Our gymnastics and tumbling programs serve children from preschool through sixth grade.

Preschool Sports: Game On!

Introducing a variety of sports to preschoolers helps them discover their athletic interests while setting the foundation for a lifelong love of physical activity.

Discover the YMCA Difference

At the YMCA, we are dedicated to fostering youth development, promoting healthy living, and instilling social responsibility. Contact us to learn more about our programs, activities, and mission-driven initiatives designed to make a positive impact on others’ lives.