Arts and Crafts

At the Sewickley Valley YMCA, we believe in sharing talents and learning from others in a positive and supportive environment. This safe and nurturing environment encourages artists and creative hobbyists of all ages to unleash their imagination, connect with others, and express themselves through various forms of art. Here are just a few ways to spark creativity at the Y:


From vibrant canvases to imaginative strokes, delve into the world of colors and brushes, creating your own masterpiece.


Whether it’s sketching a favorite character or doodling abstract designs, sharpen your drawing skills and explore different techniques.

Creative Sculptures with Recycled Materials

We encourage eco-friendly creativity by transforming recycled materials into unique sculptures, fostering imagination and environmental awareness.

3D Crafts

From paper crafts to clay modeling, experiment with different textures and dimensions, and bring ideas to life in three-dimensional form.

Get Crafty at the Y

For more information about upcoming arts and crafts programs, activities, and events at the Sewickley Valley YMCA, or if you or someone you know would like to contribute time and talent to creative programs, contact team members for Youth, Teen, and Family.