Youth basketball

Shoot, Score, Repeat: Basketball

Experience the magic of basketball with us at the YMCA. In addition to improving cardiovascular health and building resilience, basketball provides opportunities for personal growth and character development. Basketball cultivates resilience, teamwork, and confidence—essential skills both on and off the court.

Basketball open play is also available—check out our at-a-glance gym schedules.

Thank you for another fantastic YBL season!

In the 2023-24 youth basketball league (YBL) season, more than 200 kids honed their basketball fundamentals, mastering dribbling, shooting, and demonstrating incredible teamwork and dedication.

We’re thrilled to witness the growth and enthusiasm of our young athletes, and we eagerly anticipate what the upcoming year has in store!

For more information about upcoming basketball programs at the Sewickley Valley YMCA, contact team members for Youth, Teen, and Family.