Welcome to the Sewickley Valley YMCA Apparel Store.


We are pleased to bring all of you our Summer Selection of high-performance, dry-excel, dry-wicking apparel to either work out in or wear anywhere!  Even our caps are high-performance wear!  

The high-performance material contains a moisture-wicking fabric that has two jobs:  one is quickly moving (wicking) sweat to the fabric’s outer surface and the other is drying rapidly so that your sweat doesn’t saturate the fabric.  The result is that you are more comfortable because your body can regulate its temperature efficiently and the fabric touching your skin has a dry, non-sticky feel.  The clothing comes in an assortment of colors and sizes from extra small up to 3X/4X/5X.  

Feel free to stop in the YMCA and see our display of what you can order or view our store online!

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